Rinse plans

Our rinse plans are made to let you forget the problems sinusitis is causing you. Everything you need to start rinsing will appear at your doorstep. Starting with a revolutionary rinsing device, completed by easy-to-use refill mixes. Every time you need, as long as you want. Like magic.

  1. 30 rinsing solutions
  2. Starting from 7 € a month
  3. Cancel or change anytime
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Improve your sinus health with a rinse plan.

It’s simple. Choose your plan and sign up.

  • We’ll ship you the starter set

    Inside you’ll find the most awesome nasal rinse device ever invented, 30 refill sachets to make the rinsing solution and a 500 ml bottled water that is perfect for rinsing.

  • After 15 or 25 days, based on your plan, we’ll ship the first refill

    You’ll receive a sturdy envelope with 30 refill sachets straight to your mailbox. And it will re-appear every 15, 30 or 60 days, based on the schedule you choose when you sign up.

  • You have 100% control – change, skip or cancel any time

    Rinse exactly as much as you want. Change, skip or cancel your refill at any time. No need to stockpile, no long term commitments.

Rinse plans

Tell us how much you would like to rinse, sign up and we’ll take care of everything else. You can change your plan or cancel any time.

Get Started

The relief. At your doorstep.

With our rinse plans, everything you need to get relief for sinusitis will be delivered to you. In addition to the Capster rinsing device we’ll send you refill mixes, so you never run out. How convenient is that?

Developed in the North while fighting off icy weather

We Northerners know our stuffy and achy noses, so we worked side by side with some of the best ear-nose-throat doctors in Estonia to come up with a solution that last you a lifetime. Capster is made out of durable medical-grade silicone to take on any adventure. Hot or cold.

Common questions

  • What is nasal rinsing?

    Nasal rinsing (nasal irrigation) is the passing of at least 250 ml of saline solution through the nasal passages – in from one nostril and out from the other. Nasal rinsing has to be done from both nostrils.

  • How do rinse plans work?

    The first package contains all you need for about 2 to 4 weeks of rinsing, depending on how frequently you rinse - this is time for you to test out Capster and make sure that it’s the relief you’ve been looking for. You’ll receive the Capster's rinser with a lifetime warranty and 30 Capster's Rinse Mix sachets. During the sign up process you tell us how often you’d like to rinse and depending on that answer we will dispatch the first of your automatic deliveries after 12 to 27 days and continue sending every 1 to 2 months. You can easily change or cancel our rinse plans anytime!

  • Why is nasal rinsing necessary?

    Nasal rinsing helps to clean your nose from irritating factors like dust, germs, scabs, allergens, a stuffy nose and is moisturising. It helps to relieve symptoms of chronic sinusitis, post nasal drip, allergies, cold and makes you feel better.

  • What about when I already have a Capster?

    There are actually two options to subscribe to our rinse plans - with or without a Capster device. When clicking on “Rinse plans” just choose the option “I already have a Capster” and your first delivery will contain only nasal rinsing mixes and you will not be charged for the device.

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