Capster and nasal rinsing

  • What is an effective nasal rinsing?

    An effective nasal rinsing (nasal irrigation) is the passing of at least 250 ml of saline solution through the nasal passages with low positive pressure – in from one nostril and out from the other. Nasal rinsing has to be done from both nostrils.

  • Why is large-volume nasal irrigation necessary?

    Large-volume nasal rinsing helps to clean your nose from irritating factors like dust, germs, scabs, allergens, a stuffy nose and is moisturising. Thanks to this it helps to relieve symptoms of chronic sinusitis, post nasal drip, allergies, cold and makes you feel better.

  • Does Capster also have a special bottle?

    Capster does not have a special bottle and can fit on every 500 ml standard plastic bottle because our aim has always been to create a compact and easy to use device that you can carry along to use whenever you need. A special bottle would multiply the size of the device and make it inconvenient.

  • How often is it safe to use Capster?

    It’s safe to rinse with Capster up to 6 times a day, or how your doctor has subscribed. Important is to use at least 500 ml of water when mixing one sachet of nasal rinsing mix.

  • What happens if some of the solution got into my ear?

    There is nothing to worry about if some of the solution gets into your ear, as it will drain in a few days. To avoid it from getting into your ears and throat when rising:

    • Ensure the pressure isn’t too high
    • Be relaxed, keep the mouth open and breathe calmly
    • Make sure that your nose isn’t too stuffy (you can still rinse your nose, but start rinsing the nose gently and on the side which is more blocked)
  • What makes Capster different from all other nasal rinsing devices?

    There are other devices on the market as well. Most popular seem to be neti pots. The main difference is in the pressure (1,2,3) according to medical science. As neti pots work thanks to gravity, thorough and effective nasal rinsing need low-positive pressure that using Capster will provide. Large volume nasal irrigations, delivered with low positive pressure can help you even in case of swelling in nasal cavities. Capster is also very portable and easy to carry wherever you go, as it fits easily into your pocket and is compatible with all standard 500 ml plastic bottles. Thanks to its durable medical grade silicone you can also clean it by boiling to get rid of all that made you ill.

  • Is large volume nasal rinsing suitable for babies and children as well?

    It is said by ear-nose-throat doctors that nasal rinsing with Capster is suitable for children who are able to blow their nose on their own or with help of a parent, usually from age 3 and up. It is also important to note that child has to be able to relax, keep the mouth open and breath calmly. If the procedure has to be done forcibly, it’s not a good idea.

Rinse plans

  • How do rinse plans work?

    The first package contains all you need for about 2 to 4 weeks of rinsing, depending on how frequently you rinse – this is time for you to test out Capster and make sure that it’s the relief you’ve been looking for. It costs just 15.99 € and you’ll get a brand new Capster device plus 30 free nasal rinsing mixes delivered to you.

    During the sign up process you tell us how often you’d like to rinse and depending on that answer we will dispatch the first of your automatic deliveries after 12 to 27 days and continue sending every 1 to 2 months. You can easily change or cancel our rinse plans anytime!

  • What about when I already have a Capster?

    There are actually two options to subscribe to our rinse plans – with or without a Capster device. When clicking on “Rinse plans” just choose the option “I already have a Capster” and your first delivery will contain only nasal rinsing mixes and you will not be charged for the device.

  • How do I change my rinse plan?

    Log in to your account. Then just cancel your current subscription and choose a new suitable rinsing plan

  • How do I cancel my rinse plan?

    Log in to your account cancel anytime you would like to.

  • Do I have to sign up for a rinse plan subscription?

    No, not at all! If you’d rather order as-needed, you can do that through the Products page of our website. Though our rinse plans offer a much lower prices + free delivery for your orders and depending on the frequency you like to rinse, can save you 30% or more.

Get the relief today!

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  • 1x Capster rinsing device
  • 30x Capster pharmaceutical grade rinsing mixes
  • 500 ml bottled water
  • Free shipping
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